Lean’s Bio, you know, the Fun Stuff

Formerly a director of brand management for Polo Ralph Lauren, I hung up my heels to pursue my passion, nutrition and wellness. In 2008, I founded Pure & Well, with a goal of improving health through diet and lifestyle changes. I received my training as a health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition  in NYC with a certificate of completion from the Teachers College at Columbia University and a BA from Colgate University. In addition to working with clients to improve their health, I am also pursuing my masters in Human Nutrition at Bridgeport University.

Wanna know what I like? Eating fresh juicy fruit in the summer sunshine, and perusing my local farmer’s market for unique finds. Well, what were you expecting…. for me to say Easter jellybeans, ring pops or milk chocolate?? Ok, I can’t lie, I do have a dark side – a rather nasty sugar craving. How do I tame the beast? Moderation and impenetrable locks for really weak moments.

Wanna know more? When I’m not working, studying or hangin with Chic, I spend most of my free time shopping with my best friends Carly and Lucy. Alright…so maybe daughters would be a more exact description, but they are a lot of fun to hang with.

Oh, and while we are on the subject….to all you mommies and ladies with belly bumps….I’ve been there twice. I understand the love, the pain, the sleep deprivation and the body changes. I’m here to hold your hand and remind you that yes, you are still beautiful with a big belly or baby in tow. And that yes…..you can lose that pregnancy weight.

What can I do for you?

Trying to loose a few pounds? Want to look and feel your best for an upcoming event? Not feeling like your sparky self and wanna get healthy? Well, you've come to the right place. I can help.

I will create a personalized program that will help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to achieve your goals.

You've got what it takes to put down the pound cake and pick up the dumbbells...I'll just help you to do it.

Services and Pricing

Free initial consultation
1/2 hour sessions
Email support between sessions
Cost: $45 per session

45 minute sessions
Email support between sessions
Cost: $30 per person per session (Min 4 - Max 8)


In person (.50 per mile travel fee if we come to you)
Skype or Phone

Personal food shopping (with or without ya) available at $40 per hour

Payments through PayPal, cash and personal check are accepted

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Lean’s Direct Hotline

For more information or to sign up send me a note - Lean [at] LEANandCHIC.com - OR click here to contact me